The Summit Soapstress

The Summit Soapstress aka “Alaska” aka “Katherine” is a mountain mama, a weekend warrior, a nerdy farmwife and a backcountry babe. She juggles her career in the television industry with a 4 acre hobby farm nestled in the Arkansas River Valley, surrounded by the Collegiate Peaks.

She strives to teach character to her children with her enthusiasm for nature, a taste of hard work, the fulfillment of creativity and a DIY attitude.

When she’s not hiking, she’s blogging about sustainable living, permaculture, outdoor family activities and of course, soap inspired by adventure!


It all started with our son "King" James. My husband and I had considered ourselves to be health conscience and environmentally minded but like many we indulged in the occasional paraben. When I met James I realized I had never known such wonder or seen such beauty and pledged an oath to protect him in any way that I could. I bought smoke detectors and carbon alarms and took the car to the fire station to have the carseat correctly installed. But I also systematically went through our household - from the kitchen to the basement - and began reading labels. Some labels I read for the very first time. Labels with ingredients that I recognized and then other labels listing the unknown. And then I went down the rabbit hole...

Nothing but the best for this darling boy!